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Investing in the careers of athletes to empower them to achieve their dreams: making it to the next level.

We Take the Risk

BLA is not a bank that you need to pay back. The capital players receive from BLA is not a loan. If you do not make it to the next level, and your career is cut short due to unforeseen circumstances, such as injuries, you do not owe us anything.


To ensure a complete understanding of a potential deal with BLA, we recommend that all players consult with legal counsel, a financial advisor, agent and family members before entering into an agreement with BLA.

Giving Back

Being an athlete involves more than the work you put on the field. BLA believes in empowering athletes to give back to their local communities and charities that are near and dear to their heart.

Opportunity and greatness are not mutually exclusive.

Are you an athlete looking to jumpstart your career?

Why BLA?

Explore our collection of BLA stories and testimonials from athletes that have accepted BLA deals, athletes that have declined BLA deals, athletes that have made it to the Show, and others that fell short.


Hear from BLA Ambassadors Nick Torres, Samir Dueñez, Chad Hinshaw, Troy Stokes Jr., and Eduard Pinto on how they regret allowing their agents to steer them away from the BLA offer. Through a series of interviews, these athletes offer insight and advice on interpreting the offer, interacting with an agent, and planning for your future.


Fernando Tatís Sr.—BLA Ambassador, former MLB player, and MLB record holder—talks about where his excitement for the game of baseball comes from and how his upbringing contributed significantly to his passion. In this engaging interview, he continues on to describe how BLA has positively impacted the career and life of his son, Fernando Tatís Jr.


Nolan Smith, linebacker for the Georgia Bulldogs, sits down with BLA after a charity event to describe his background and how he became a BLA athlete. In the interview, Nolan expresses his appreciation for the genuine nature of the BLA team and for enabling him to give back to his community by putting on a charity camp that he's always wanted to do.


Ricardo Genoves, professional baseball player, talks about how the game became important to him in his early childhood, especially with the influence of his brother, who also played professionally. Genoves goes on to explain how he made the decision to take the BLA deal, and how the money helped him stay strong and healthy throughout his career.


Ricky Stromberg, offensive lineman for the Arkansas Razorbacks, discusses how he came across BLA, how the deal works, and how it has helped create opportunities for him both on and off the field. He goes on to describe the charity event that he put on with BLA's help, and emphasizes the importance of giving back to the youth.


Jarrett Parker, BLA athlete and former professional baseball player, talks about how the BLA deal can help provide stability and comfort even for players that don't end up making it to the next level. Parker elaborates on how signing the BLA deal enabled him to play the game at the highest level as well as make career and life decisions more easily.

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