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Frequently Asked Questions

BLA offers an athlete upfront capital in exchange for 1% of the athlete’s potential professional earnings in their respective sport. This concept is based on angel and venture capital investing in start-up companies; BLA’s business model is designed to empower athletes in the early stages to improve their chances of achieving their dreams.

The upfront investment an athlete receives from BLA can be used for anything the athlete desires, whether for training, nutritionists, paying off financial burdens, taking care of family members, etc. If the athlete never makes it to the highest professional level of their sport or league, they do not have to pay BLA anything. The capital BLA provides to athletes is an investment, not a loan of any kind. 

No, our investment contracts with athletes are not loans. If the athlete never makes it to the highest professional level of their sport or league, they will not be required to pay any money to BLA. 

The capital BLA provides to an athlete is a speculative investment, and BLA expects to take a loss on the majority of its investments. We believe that BLA’s business model is comparable to venture funds that make numerous investments in start-ups in the hopes of finding the next Amazon or Google.

Yes, BLA is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as an investment advisor. View Form ADV.

No. In fact, BLA expects to lose money on the majority of athletes it invests in. It is extremely difficult to predict which athletes will become successful at the highest professional level. Risk factors to consider: 

  • Career-ending injuries, voluntary retirement, being cut from a team
  • Only 10% of minor league baseball players will play one day in the Major Leagues 
  • Only 2% of college football players get drafted to the NFL
  • Only 1% of college basketball players get drafted to the NBA

Through careful consideration and discussions with proper representation, family members, and BLA representatives, the athlete decides on the amount of upfront capital he believes will give him a cutting edge. For example, BLA may offer an athlete $50,000 for every 1% of his potential professional earnings, and the athlete decides the investment amount. 

BLA enters into investment contracts with athletes to empower them to reach the highest level of their respective sport or professional league. BLA only has a stake in the athlete’s earnings while/when he is playing at the highest professional level of his sport or league. BLA does not have a stake in any other aspect of the athlete’s income, such as endorsements, coaching, broadcasting, or any other personal endeavors.

  • The average length of an MLB career is 2.7 years
  • The average length of an NFL career is 3.3 years
  • The average length of an NBA career is 4.5 years

Yes. Big League Advantage (BLA) was formerly known as Big League Advance. We changed our name in 2022 when we broadened our focus and expanded our business approach to include other sports.

BLA has spent years investing in professional baseball players, and we’ve expanded our initiatives to now include football and basketball. Additionally, we’re open to a variety of other fields of opportunity. Contact us for more information.

Please reach out to us on our Contact Us form.

BLA receives a high volume of inquiries on a weekly basis. Please allow us 10-14 days to respond to any submissions. We appreciate your patience as we assess the opportunity.

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