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Frequently Asked Questions

Players choose what percentage of their future career earnings they want to give BLA. For example, BLA may offer a player $50,000 for every 1% of his future professional earnings. If a player wanted to sign a deal for 5%, he would receive $250,000, or if he wanted to sign a deal for 10%, he would receive $500,000. While our offer amounts are non-negotiable, the percentage the player would like to give up is decided by the player. The exact amount of money offered for each 1% of future professional earnings will vary.
No. In fact, BLA expects to lose money on the vast majority of players we sign. It is extremely difficult to predict which athletes will end up becoming extremely successful professional players. For instance, more than 90% of minor league baseball players will never play a single day in the Major Leagues. Even top-ranked prospects have a hard time making it to the pros. To illustrate that point, from 2009-2013, 54 baseball players that were ranked as a team’s #1 or #2 prospect, and were top 100 overall prospects, are either out of baseball or unlikely to make it to arbitration.

No. Our contracts are not loans. Players receive an upfront investment from BLA in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of their future professional earnings. If the player never makes it to the “Show”, the player will never owe or pay any money to BLA.

Our model is like many venture capital funds in Silicon Valley. BLA expects to take a loss on its investments in most players while benefiting from the players who have lucrative playing careers. Our business model is comparable to venture funds that make numerous investments in start-ups in hopes of finding the next Amazon or Google.

Yes. Big League Advantage (BLA) was formerly known as Big League Advance. We changed our name in 2022 when we broadened our focus and expanded our business approach to include other sports.

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